14 CBD Facts You Probably Never Knew

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If you are thinking about incorporating CBD oil into your lifestyle, doing your CBD facts research into this increasingly popular supplement is important. You may already know about the reported benefits of this cannabinoid or intend to use CBD or CBD-infused products to help with the management of certain symptoms. There are a variety of ways that CBD products can be used, and each has its own unique effect and advantage. 

However, there are a lot of CBD fact claims out there that simply aren’t true or don’t have the evidence to back them up. Before you start using CBD products, it’s a good idea to be informed as possible. That way, you can make the right choice to suit your needs and lifestyle requirements. 

To help you separate the CBD facts from fiction, we’ve put together a helpful guide to CBD to get you started.

1. CBD Is From Cannabis

Pure CBD is derived from cannabis or hemp plants. It’s a naturally occurring compound that is thought to be completely safe to use. 

It’s one of many compounds found in cannabis plants and is carefully extracted so that it can be used in all the different CBD products you can find on the market today.

2. CBD Won’t Get You High

Even though CBD is extracted from cannabis plants, there’s no need to worry about psychoactive or ‘mind-altering’ effects when using CBD products.

CBD is completely different from THC (the part of the cannabis plant that gives the ‘high’ effect). Good quality CBD products don’t contain any THC, meaning they don’t have the intoxicating properties of recreational cannabis. Just be sure to purchase your CBD from reputable retailers (like us here at Greenlife).

3. CBD Is Legal

Of course, it’s always important to check the laws of the country you live in before purchasing CBD products. Saying that good quality CBD in the UK is completely legal to buy and use.

However, remember that cannabis is still a controlled substance. For that reason, it is important to ensure that your CBD products don’t contain any THC and avoid using cannabis recreationally.

4. CBD Is Safe

cbd facts

As well as wondering whether CBD is legal, many people want to know whether CBD is safe to use. The World Health Organisation has reported that pure CBD products are generally thought to be safe and well-tolerated by humans. That means you shouldn’t experience side effects (although there are some that can occur) and you won’t become dependent on using CBD.

To ensure the safety of your CBD products, always purchase yours from a reputable retailer. Good quality products will always be tested independently by a third party.

5. CBD Is Natural

cbd is healthy

CBD is a naturally sourced compound, which means in its pure form it is completely natural. However, depending on the CBD product you choose, other included ingredients may mean that your product isn’t 100% natural. It’s always worth checking the ingredient’s list to be sure about the product you choose.

6. You Don’t Need A Prescription For CBD

You don’t need a prescription to purchase CBD. That’s because CBD is not considered a medicine here in the UK, but rather a supplement to your lifestyle. 

There is one CBD pharmaceutical that is currently going through licensing in the UK (Epidiolex, intended to be used to treat epilepsy), however, it is not yet available for doctors to prescribe.

7. There Is Scientific Proof That CBD Works

As CBD is a relatively new product, research is still underway to understand all the benefits this cannabinoid can offer. However, there have been a number of different research studies into CBD and the preliminary results have been positive. Many of the studies have been pre-clinical, however clinical trials have been performed for using CBD to treat the symptoms of epilepsy.

CBD v THC affects on the brain

8. CBD Affects The Brain

While CBD isn’t a psychoactive compound, it still interacts with the brain. In fact, cannabinoids (like CBD) mimic the behavior of endocannabinoids and interact with the cannabinoid receptors to augment your endocannabinoid system (ECS). As the cannabinoids interact with the cannabinoid receptors, they stimulate various physiological and neurological responses.

9. CBD Has Links To Inflammation

It’s worth noting here that CBD products are not medically approved, and they’re not designed to treat, diagnose or manage any health-related symptoms. However, some people have reported that CBD can assist with inflammatory symptoms and may help to relieve signs of inflammation. It’s always a good idea to speak to your doctor before using CBD products.

10. CBD Might Help With Anxiety Symptoms

Due to the way that CBD works with the endocannabinoid system, there are some reports that CBD might assist with common symptoms of anxiety. In fact, research has suggested that CBD products can reduce the symptoms of a variety of different anxiety-related disorders. 

However, it’s worth bearing in mind that there isn’t a lot of data on long-term use of CBD for anxiety and that the effects may not be right for you. Speak to your doctor or mental health professional before trying CBD.

11. CBD Can Help With Pain

Like we’ve mentioned before, CBD is a supplement and not intended to treat the symptoms of pain or any other health condition. Some people choose to use CBD to help with pain symptoms, however, and there is anecdotal evidence that it might help. Your circumstances or situation might be different, so it’s worth talking to your doctor (especially if you are taking other medication).

cbd v thc helping pain relief

12. There’s More Than One Way To Use CBD

Pure CBD oil is perhaps the most well-known CBD product. This is usually taken sublingually (under the tongue) and comes in the form of a small dropper bottle. However, there are plenty of other CBD-infused products on the market too. From balms and massage oils to beverages and capsules, there are a variety of different options to choose from.

13. CBD Can Take Time To Work

Depending on the type of CBD product you choose, it may take some time for you to feel the effects. CBD oil vapes, for example, can offer a fast way to incorporate CBD into your lifestyle. Others, like oils, balms or capsules, could take a few days or even weeks to show results. It will be important to do your research to find the best product to suit your requirements.

14. CBD Can Have Side Effects

While CBD is generally thought to be safe to use, there can be some side effects, particularly if your dosage is too high or you take too much too quickly. Some side effects can include dry mouth, dizziness, reduced blood pressure and drowsiness. These side effects are typically not thought to be serious; it will be important to stop using CBD if you experience any adverse side effects.

Let’s Summarise

Whether you’re new to CBD or simply want to learn more about CBD facts, it’s important to know as much as you can before incorporating it into your lifestyle. We hope our guide to some of the most useful CBD facts has been helpful in doing just that.

If you’re ready to choose your CBD product, browse our Shop to view all of the options we have available. Want to read more? Visit our blog for more information about CBD facts.

Don’t forget that the products we sell are intended to be supplements and are not designed to treat, cure or prevent any diseases. Before using, it’s a good idea to consult your doctor or a medical professional to ensure they’re safe for you (especially if you’re taking other medications). It’s usually best to avoid using our products if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding too.